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Ayurvedic Remedies To Increase Sperm Count And Boost Male Fertility

A male suffering from low sperm count may face problem in having his own kids. For men who want to start family, low sperm count is a big problem for them. Lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining health of reproductive organs.Following are few factors that are mainly responsible for reducing sperm cell production:

1. A diet with lack of nutrients can cause imbalance in production of reproductive fluids. Testes may also not be getting enough nourishment to work properly and maintain sperm count.
2. Poor blood circulation in genitals may cause testes to work poorly and reduce sperm cell production. Destruction of sperm cells during storage in epididymis and while reaching maturity level can also lower down sperm count.

Ayurvedic Capsules To Increase Sperm Count

Another big factor resulting in low sperm count is inflammation or enlargement in prostate gland. Due to this problem, urethra and bladder remain under pressure due to which either fewer sperm cells are ejaculated or sperm cells get ejaculated every time men go for urination. Due to these factors, a man loses sperm cells and do not get enough sperm cells to impregnate his woman during lovemaking.

Men require appropriate treatment that can resolve all the above reasons at the same time so that they do not require different medications. Therefore men can rely on Spermac capsules which are the best ayurvedic remedies to increase sperm count. There are many chemical and herbal products available in market and therefore men must take care while selecting the suitable product for them. Spermac capsules are the most trusted and widely used ayurvedic supplements to treat oligospermia and azoospermia problem. This is because these herbal semen volume enhancer pills do not cause any side effects and are suitable for all age groups of men.

According to studies, Spermac capsules are the most effective ayurvedic remedies to increase sperm count in a natural manner. Active ingredients of Spermac capsules perform the following functions inside body:

1. Improve blood circulation in reproductive organs and functions of testicles.
2. Increase production of sperm cells and also sperm motility.
3. Provide better protection to sperm cells and prevent destruction of these cells within body.
4. Reduce the time taken by sperm cells to reach maturity.
5. These ayurvedic remedies to increase sperm count also improve condition of epididymis so that sperm cells do not get destroyed during storage inside body.
6. Increase production of prostatic fluid and boost male fertility.
7. Clear blockage from ducts or tubes through which sperm cells travel towards male organ.

Spermac capsules contain Safed Musli, Kutki, Gokhru Fruit, Shwet Jeera, Nagbala, Abhrak, Kaunch Seed, Pipal, Shudh Shilajit, Dalchini, Makoy, Lauh, Ashwagandha, Akarkara, Shatavari, Tejpatra, Vidarikand, Piper, Kahu, Jaiphal, Kalonji, Long and Javitri. All the herbs in this ayurvedic low sperm count treatment possess highly beneficial medicinal values. These herbs naturally increase the ability of body to produce more number of sperm cells and also increase sperm motility. It is suggested to take these ayurvedic remedies to increase sperm count on a regular basis. Use Spermac capsules for 3 to 4 months to get rid of oligospermia and azoospermia completely.

Ayurvedic Low Sperm Count Remedies To Boost Male Fertility Effectively

Sperm cell is the fundamental building block of fertility in males. Sperm cells are formed within seminiferous tubules situated in testicles. When sperm cells reach prostate gland, seminal vesicles produce a fluid which when mixed with sperms produce semen. This fluid protects sperm cells throughout the journey from male organ to egg in female ovaries. Low sperm count (oligospermia) problem arises when testicles produce lesser amount of sperm cells. If this problem is left untreated, it can lead to azoospermia (no production of sperm cells at all).

Ayurvedic Semen Volume Enhancer Pills

There are many other factors which affect spermatogenesis process. Low production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) by pituitary gland is the major reason as this hormone signals testicles to produce sperms. Another reason is poor condition of epididymis due to which sperm cells are not stored properly and get destroyed. Inflammation in prostate gland results in narrowing of urethra and thus interrupts in proper ejaculation of semen. This also raises the problem of premature ejaculation and semen leakage due to which sperm cells get wasted and do not reach female ovaries. This further prevents men from achieving fatherhood.

Men can use Spermac capsules which are the best ayurvedic low sperm count remedies that help males to overcome both oligospermia and azoospermia. These supplements reduce effects of diseases on blood vessels and thus improve blood circulation in reproductive system. Improvement in health of testicles not only increases production of sperm cells but testosterone also. Epididymis stores sperm cells effectively and this prevents destruction of sperms. Obstruction in tubes also reduces volume of semen that men ejaculate. Effective formula of these capsules clear blockage and prevent narrowing of tubes or ducts through which sperms travel towards male organ. These supplements also prevent inflammation in reproductive organs. This further increases fluid production by seminal vesicles. These ayurvedic capsules to increase sperm count cell production within short time period and thus boost male fertility effectively.

Spermac capsules possess Shatavari, Nagbala, Makoy, Gokhuru fruit, Javitri, Akarkara, Kutki, Kaunch beej, Vidarikhand, Safed Musli, Tejpatra, Ashwagandha, Long, Abhrak, Kalaunji, Dalchini, Pipal, Jaiphal, Kahu and Shwet Jeera. These herbs present in herbal low sperm count treatment are rich in minerals and vitamins which are highly beneficial for improving functions of reproductive organs. Blend of these herbs increases production of FSH by pituitary gland to keep sperm cell production regular. These natural herbs also alleviate the problem of low semen volume, improve sperm quality, enhance the process of sperm formation and reduce ill effects of aging on reproductive organs. These herbs reduce ill effects of body heat on seminiferous tubules in testicles and thus keep sperm cells healthy from formation to maturity. These herbs improve motility of sperms too. These herbs also help to recover from damage in testicles caused due to injuries and prevent deficiencies that slow down testicular functions.

Spermac capsules also reduce time taken to replenish sperm cells. Along with the regular use of these ayurvedic low sperm count remedies, it is suggested to include foods like dark chocolate, walnuts, bananas, eggs, broccoli, spinach, pomegranates and asparagus in your diet to achieve fast and long lasting results. Avoid alcoholism, smoking, junk foods, beverages and habit of masturbation also.