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Ayurvedic Supplements To Increase Sperm Count And Quality In Males

Low sperm count is one of the factors behind infertility in males which creates problem in achieving fatherhood. A man is considered to be having low sperm count when the sperms present in per ml of semen are less than 15 million.

Oligospermia and azoospermia are two conditions in which testicles produce fewer sperm cells or do not produce sperm cells at all respectively. Generally when a couple is not able to have kids, women are considered as infertile but nowadays it is clear by the studies that in many cases infertility in men is responsible for delaying fatherhood. Since, men do not accept any sexual weakness easily they do not discuss about this problem with anybody which leads to frustration and other mental issues too.

Ayurvedic Capsules To Increase Sperm Count

Many men are afraid of the side effects that happen due to medications and thus do not seek for any treatment. To overcome this fear, men can use ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count and motility. Ayurvedic low sperm count treatment uses herbs only and therefore one need not to worry about any side effects. Before taking any treatment, it is necessary to know the actual or specific reason that is causing infertility in males.

Factors that lead to infertility in males:

1. Poor health condition of testes that produce sperm cells.
2. Problem in epididymis where sperm cells are stored.
3. Blockage in ducts or tubes through which sperm cells travel towards male organ.
4. Inflammation or enlargement of prostate gland which interrupts free flow of sperms towards male organ.
5. Low production of prostatic fluid which affects semen volume.
6. Healthy sperm cells also get destroyed by auto immune disorder.
7. Injuries in testicles or surgeries in reproductive organs that affect functions of testes.
8. Wearing tight clothes puts pressure on testicles that affect adequate sperm production.
9. Heat present in body causes testes to function poorly.

Spermac capsules provide effective treatment for low sperm count and prevent every possible reason within body that lowers down sperm production in males. Regular use of these ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count can prevent infertility in males within short time period and increase chances of men to achieve fatherhood.

Spermac capsules provide the following benefits to the user:

1. Men can get effective treatment for both oligospermia and azoospermia.
2. Improve testicular functions and increase production of sperm cells.
3. Increase sperm quality and motility naturally.
4. Keep organs, glands and tubes healthy which are involved in production and storage of sperm cells.
5. Protect sperm cells from autoimmune disorders.
6. Reduce time taken to replenish new sperm cells.
7. Increase prostatic fluid that is needed to make semen.
8. Reduce inflammation in prostate gland to prevent wastage of semen due to pressure on bladder and urethra.
9. Reduce time taken by sperm cells to reach maturity level.

Spermac capsules contain herbs that possess various nutrients and properties useful in increasing sperm count from the very first use and therefore these are the best ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count. These herbal semen volume enhancer pills contain Makoy, Jaiphal, Kaunch Seed, Safed Musli, Akarkara, Ashwagandha, Vidarikand, Shudh Shilajit, Tejpatra, Shatavari, Kahu, Gokhru Fruit, Pipal Piper, Javitri, Abhrak, Shwet Jeera, Dalchini, Nagbala, Lauh,Kalonji, Long and Kutki. These herbs have some common and unique properties that prevent infertility in males and increase semen volume effectively. For long lasting results, it is recommended to use Spermac capsules for 3 to 4 months regularly. Adopting healthy lifestyle along with using these ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count can give faster results.


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