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Ayurvedic Treatment For Nightfall To Stop Nocturnal Emission In Men

Nightfall is a common sexual health problem which is affecting males in every corner of the world. Nocturnal emissions are also known as wet dreams which are very common in teenage as arousal and erections are newly experienced by boys in their growth period.

Men then learn to delay ejaculation over years with sexual experience. Body produces semen whether men are sexually active or not. Seminal fluid is always present in body but due to damaged parasympathetic nerves, ejaculation valve remains open and due to this, men ejaculate in sleep.

Nightfall Ayurvedic Treatment

Major factors that lead to nightfall problem are:

1. Excessive stress and tension distract mind from concentrating on erections.
2. Lack of adequate sleep affects pituitary gland functions which not only govern muscle movements but also signals testicles to produce testosterone. This hormone provides energy to sustain erections.
3. Unhealthy and irregular diet, alcoholism, smoking, drinking beverages.
4. Watching too much porn keeps one busy in masturbation which ultimately causes damage to male organ.
5. Damage to parasympathetic nerves in genital organ.
6. Over production of seminal fluid.
7. High sensitivity in genital organ.
8. Inflammation in prostate that increases pressure on bladder and causes bladder to ejaculate semen repeatedly either alone or with urine.
9. Certain medicines which cause nerves and muscles to relax too much.

Ill effects of nocturnal emissions:

1. Weakness due to loss of seminal fluid which consists of nutrients like protein, vitamin, calcium, etc.
2. Replenishment time of production of new sperm cells increases due to repeated loss of seminal fluid.
3. Involuntary ejaculation of semen causes embarrassment in men resulting in psychological issues.
4. It decreases efficiency of reproductive organs.
5. It causes several other sexual disorders such as low libido, infertility, etc.

Men can use No Fall capsules which provide the best ayurvedic treatment for nightfall. This herbal nightfall treatment provides the following advantages:

1. Activate sluggish nerves and muscles in genital organ.
2. Reduce ill effects of heavy medications on body organs.
3. Improve blood circulation to increase supply of nutrients and oxygen in all parts of body.
4. Increase cellular activities in body which repair damage in muscles and tissues in genital organ.
5. This ayurvedic treatment for nightfall can stop all kinds of ejaculation problems that cause loss of semen.
6. Treat hyper sensitivity in genital organs to stop nocturnal emission in men.
7. Also treat problem of premature ejaculation and semen leakage.

No Fall capsules possess Jaiphal, Brahmadandi, Kesar, Ashwagandha, Lauh Bhasma, Banslochan, Long, Shilajit Shudh, Babul Extract, Tankari, Swarna Bang, Dridranga, Shatavari, Pipal, Bahera and Kaunch. The ayurvedic treatment for nightfall made using these herbs provides long lasting benefits to the user. These herbs possess rejuvenating properties which effectively revitalize male reproductive system and stop nightfall in men. It is suggested to use No Fall capsules regularly for 3 to 4 months to get the best results.

By changing some habits along with this ayurvedic treatment for nightfall, men can achieve fast results. Bring following lifestyle changes:

1. Try to stay calm in stressed situations.
2. Start sleeping on your back to avoid accidental stimulation in genital organ from clothes, bed, etc.
3. Stay hydrated all day by drinking plenty of water and stop eating spicy foods.
4. Trying yoga and meditation can help a lot in controlling arousal feelings.


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