Ayurvedic Remedies For Male Health Problems

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Ayurvedic Supplements To Increase Sperm Count And Quality In Males

Low sperm count is one of the factors behind infertility in males which creates problem in achieving fatherhood. A man is considered to be having low sperm count when the sperms present in per ml of semen are less than 15 million. Oligospermia and azoospermia are two conditions in which testicles produce fewer sperm cells or do not produce sperm cells at all respectively. Generally when a couple is not able to have kids, women are considered as infertile but nowadays it is clear by the studies that in many cases infertility in men is responsible for delaying fatherhood. Since, men do not accept any sexual weakness easily they do not discuss about this problem with anybody which leads to frustration and other mental issues too.

Ayurvedic Capsules To Increase Sperm Count

Many men are afraid of the side effects that happen due to medications and thus do not seek for any treatment. To overcome this fear, men can use ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count and motility. Ayurvedic low sperm count treatment uses herbs only and therefore one need not to worry about any side effects. Before taking any treatment, it is necessary to know the actual or specific reason that is causing infertility in males.

Factors that lead to infertility in males:

1. Poor health condition of testes that produce sperm cells.
2. Problem in epididymis where sperm cells are stored.
3. Blockage in ducts or tubes through which sperm cells travel towards male organ.
4. Inflammation or enlargement of prostate gland which interrupts free flow of sperms towards male organ.
5. Low production of prostatic fluid which affects semen volume.
6. Healthy sperm cells also get destroyed by auto immune disorder.
7. Injuries in testicles or surgeries in reproductive organs that affect functions of testes.
8. Wearing tight clothes puts pressure on testicles that affect adequate sperm production.
9. Heat present in body causes testes to function poorly.

Spermac capsules provide effective treatment for low sperm count and prevent every possible reason within body that lowers down sperm production in males. Regular use of these ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count can prevent infertility in males within short time period and increase chances of men to achieve fatherhood.

Spermac capsules provide the following benefits to the user:

1. Men can get effective treatment for both oligospermia and azoospermia.
2. Improve testicular functions and increase production of sperm cells.
3. Increase sperm quality and motility naturally.
4. Keep organs, glands and tubes healthy which are involved in production and storage of sperm cells.
5. Protect sperm cells from autoimmune disorders.
6. Reduce time taken to replenish new sperm cells.
7. Increase prostatic fluid that is needed to make semen.
8. Reduce inflammation in prostate gland to prevent wastage of semen due to pressure on bladder and urethra.
9. Reduce time taken by sperm cells to reach maturity level.

Spermac capsules contain herbs that possess various nutrients and properties useful in increasing sperm count from the very first use and therefore these are the best ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count. These herbal semen volume enhancer pills contain Makoy, Jaiphal, Kaunch Seed, Safed Musli, Akarkara, Ashwagandha, Vidarikand, Shudh Shilajit, Tejpatra, Shatavari, Kahu, Gokhru Fruit, Pipal Piper, Javitri, Abhrak, Shwet Jeera, Dalchini, Nagbala, Lauh,Kalonji, Long and Kutki. These herbs have some common and unique properties that prevent infertility in males and increase semen volume effectively. For long lasting results, it is recommended to use Spermac capsules for 3 to 4 months regularly. Adopting healthy lifestyle along with using these ayurvedic supplements to increase sperm count can give faster results.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Male Impotence To Achieve Firmer Erections

Nowadays, the chances of sexual disorders have increased in men. Impotency or inability to achieve erections is one of the sexual problems that completely forbid men from indulging in lovemaking. Impotence problem in men indicates hidden underlying health problems. Inability to achieve erections not only keeps men away from lovemaking but also gives rise to psychological problems that affect a man’s confidence and self-esteem.  Although, there can be many reasons behind impotence but according to studies it is observed that over masturbation is the common reason behind this sexual weakness. It is so because men use their organ roughly to achieve sexual satisfaction and feel intense pleasure. This results in damage in genital organ due to which men loses control over achieving or maintaining erections.

Ayurvedic Male Sex Booster Remedies

Causes of impotence problem in men:

1. Aging is the biggest factor behind impotence problem in men that happens naturally.
2. Certain medications can affect nerve functions in reproductive organs.
3. Psychological issues like performance anxiety, stress, bad experience in past, etc., also prevent a man from achieving hard erections.
4. Cardiac problems that affect healthy blood circulation in reproductive system.
5. Relative drop in sexual desire also keeps men away from taking part actively in lovemaking and achieving erections.
6. Low physical stamina and extreme fatigue make men exhausted at the starting of lovemaking resulting in inability to achieve proper erections.
7. Injuries in reproductive organ especially testicles lower down production of testosterone that causes problem in attaining erections.

With the help of Tufan capsules and King Cobra oil, men can achieve firmer erections without any difficulty. Combination of these capsules and oil provides the most effective ayurvedic treatment for male impotence. This herbal treatment for impotence provides the following benefits to the user:

1. Rejuvenate or revitalize complete male reproductive system.
2. Prevent multiple deficiencies that lead to impotence problem in men.
3. Boost desire for lovemaking in men to increase passion to attain erections.
4. Improve blood circulation in reproductive organs which promote proper communication between brain and male organ.
5. Improve testicular functions to promote production of testosterone.
6. Prevent inflammation in prostate gland which affects healthy functions of male reproductive organ.
7. Repair damaged tissues and muscles and increase sensitivity in nerves in male organ.
8. Reduce adverse effects of other health disorders like diabetes on blood vessels in reproductive organ.
9. Remove various debilities that make genital organ weak.
10. Promote vitality, virility and vigor in men of all ages.

This ayurvedic treatment for male impotence gives fast and effective benefits if King cobra oil is used to massage male organ regularly along with taking Tufan capsules. This oil strengthens muscles and nerves in male genital organ. This ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction clears blockage from vessels and improves blood circulation in genital area which further helps to achieve firmer erections.

Tufan capsules possess Kaunch Beej, Abhrak Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Vidarikand, Ras Sindoor Bhasma, Ramayphal, Shudh Shilajit, Kali Musli, Lauh Bhasma and Safed Musli. King Cobra oil Kapur Oil, Akarkara, Javitri, Jaiphal Oil, Kesar, Kalonji Oil, Samudra Phal, Dalchini Oil, and Ashwagandha.  This ayurvedic treatment for male impotence increases possibilities of men in achieving fatherhood by completely curing problem of impotence. Use regularly Tufan capsules and King Cobra oil for 3 to 4 months to get rid of impotence for longer time period.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Sexual Problems Due To Over Masturbation

Over masturbation is referred to as hand practice which is practiced by a person himself to satisfy sexual needs. It is most commonly practiced during adolescent years. But, nowadays even elder men use this practice to attain lovemaking pleasure during abstinence. It is seen that doing hand practice once or twice a week do not cause any problem but doing it multiple times a day regularly can result in many sexual problems. Unaware of these facts men continue to do this practice and hence they end up destroying their sexual health. It then further takes a lot of time to regain sexual health. There comes a time when men get sexually exhausted due to over masturbation and start taking less interest in lovemaking too. Also, male reproductive organs undergo damage due to overuse. After long time, a man becomes addicted to masturbation habit and finds it difficult to leave this practice.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Excessive Masturbation

There are many treatments available in market that claim to give complete relief from side effects and sexual weakness due to over masturbation. To get the best results without any side effects, men should use ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems caused due to over masturbation.

Over masturbation leads to following problems in men:

1. Due to excessive hand practice, men may face the problem of excessive semen leakage, premature ejaculation, nightfall, etc. Heavy loss of semen causes weakness in men as this fluid is packed with lot of nutrients kept in reserve in body for later use.
2. Weakens nerves and damages muscles and tissues in male organ due to which men face the problem of erectile dysfunction, weak erection, etc.
3. Reproductive organs become habitual of producing and losing reproductive fluids repeatedly. Brain also loses control over muscles and nerves in reproductive system.
4. Affects production of testosterone and sperm cells.
5. Over masturbation can also lead to problems like lower back pain, testicular pain, hair loss, etc.

With the help of NF Cure capsules, Shilajit capsules and Mast Mood oil, men can get effective ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems that arise due to over masturbation. NF Cure capsules are designed to prevent problem of semen leakage, nightfall and premature ejaculation in men which happen as a result of excessive hand practice. This over masturbation herbal treatment prevents weakness in muscles, nourish tissues and activates lethargic muscles in male organ. Thee supplements increase sensitivity in parasympathetic nerves that keep ejaculation valve closed and prevent ejaculation problems.

Usage of Shilajit capsules along with NF Cure capsules can rejuvenate or revitalize whole male reproductive system naturally. Shilajit capsules also provide energy to overcome fatigue and weakness. These supplements also improve brain functions and reduce psychological problems like performance anxiety, nervousness, etc., which keep men away from indulging into lovemaking. Also, use Mast Mood oil to massage male organ as it can treat erection problems in men naturally and help them to achieve effective and fast results.

Only natural herbs are used in making this effective ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems provided by NF Cure, Shilajit capsules and Mast Mood oil. NF Cure capsules contain Shatavari Asparagus, Jaiphal, Shudh Shilajit, Lauh Bhasma, Swaran Bang, Kankaj Physalis, Brahmdandi, Purushratan, Kavach Beej, Safed Musli, Bhedani, Long, Ashwagandha, Dridranga, Kesar, Kshreerika, Atimukyak, Pipal, Piper Nigrum and Haritaki. Shilajit capsules are made from Shilajit herb which itself is packed with various nutrients that are beneficial for male reproductive system. Mast Mood oil is made using Kapur, Jawadi Kasturi, Buleylu Oil, Ashwagandha, Sona Patha, Nirgundi, Dalchini, Samudra Phal, Javitri, Tulsi and Jaiphal. It is recommended to regularly use NF Cure capsules, Shilajit capsules and Mast Mood oil for 3 to 4 months to get excellent results.

Ayurvedic Treatment For BPH To Keep Prostate Healthy

Prostate is a gland situated in the lower abdominal area of men. This organ plays an important role in maintaining sexual functions in men. This gland releases prostatic fluid which not only helps in making semen but also provides protection to sperm cells that men ejaculate. Absence of prostatic fluid increases risk of destruction of sperm cells due to which men face problem in impregnating women too. The most common problem that affects prostate gland is BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). In this problem, the prostate gland becomes enlarged and due to this men have to face many urinary problems. It can affect sexual ability of a person also and may further lead to severe consequences if not treated on time.

Herbal Supplements For Prostate Health

Benign prostatic hyperplasia shows the following symptoms:

1. BPH causes inflammation in prostate gland which further causes pressure on bladder and urethra. Due to this, men feel frequent urgency for urinating.
2. Bladder is not emptied completely during urination because of pressure on bladder.
3. Difficulty in starting urination due to pain and swelling.
5. Urgency to urinate immediately even if urine amount is small.
6. Getting up frequently at night for urinating.
7. A urinary stream that starts and stops involuntarily.
8. Straining to urinate many times.
9. Continued dribbling of urine throughout day and night.
10. Feeling of urinating again minutes after finishing.

Men can use Prostocure capsules which provide the most effective ayurvedic treatment for BPH problem in men. This ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate is powerful enough to reduce inflammation and treat non-cancerous problems in prostate effectively. These supplements can naturally cure every reason that leads to problem in prostate gland.

Prostocure capsules can give following advantages to the user:

1. Treat infections and keep prostate healthy.
2. The anti-inflammatory action of these capsules can reduce swelling in prostate gland.
3. Provide protection to prostate gland from free radicals and toxins present in body.
4. This ayurvedic treatment for BPH also reduces risk of infections in kidney and bladder due to remains of urine.
5. Increase production of prostatic fluid which is required to make adequate amount of semen.
6. Keep overall urinary system healthy.
7. Reduce functional problems in prostate gland within short time period.
8. Prevent risk factors that result in BPH problem in men.

The effective ayurvedic treatment for BPH offered by Prostocure capsules possesses the following herbs:

1. Gokshura Ext. – This herb nourishes cells, tissues and muscles in prostate gland and promotes its functions.
2. Akik Pishti – Its cooling property reduces inflammation in prostate gland which is caused due to heat produced in body.
3. Puga – It clears blockage from urinary tract to prevent obstruction in free flow of urine and semen during ejaculation. This helps bladder to get empty completely.
4. Shatavari Ext. – It contains antioxidants and increases effects of antioxidants in body. It keeps prostate protected from free radicals and toxins.
5. Varuna Ext. – Anti-inflammatory action of this herb reduces swelling effectively.
6. Putikaranja – It is analgesic in nature and therefore gives relief from pain caused due to cramps in prostate gland.
7. Elaichi – It possesses antiseptic properties and therefore reduces risk of infection in prostate gland.

One can get relief from inflammation and keep prostate healthy for prolong time if he regularly takes these ayurvedic supplements for BPH. It is suggested to take these capsules for at least 3 to 4 months of time period.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Premature Ejaculation To Stay Longer In Bed

When a man ejaculates early or loses control over ejaculation even during a little stimulation, it indicates that he is suffering from premature ejaculation. Ejaculating involuntarily every time during lovemaking creates problem in sexual act and increases chances of relationship issues between couple. Due to this weakness in male organ, men are unable to perform in bed and this leaves both the partners unsatisfied. This problem can be treated and its side effects can be reversed back by taking proper treatment but it is better to rely on ayurvedic treatment for premature ejaculation to avoid any chances of other disorders.

Premature Ejaculation Ayurvedic Treatment

There is mainly one factor responsible for leading to premature ejaculation problem which is over masturbation or excessive hand practice as it causes weakness in male organ. Other factors that result in early discharge problem include:

1. Hypersensitivity in nerves in male organ.
2. Poor response of parasympathetic nerves.
3. Poor blood circulation in genital area.
4. Dysfunction of pituitary gland affects the ability of brain to control ejaculation.
5. Lack of nutrients in body that weakens muscles and nerves in male reproductive organs.
6. Injuries or surgeries in reproductive organs.
7. Low production of testosterone by testes.

With the help of Lawax capsules, men can overcome problem of early discharge and can improve love life. These supplements provide effective ayurvedic treatment for premature ejaculation and help men to stay longer in bed. These herbal premature ejaculation remedies are packed with power of natural herbs so these are effective and safe to use by men of all ages.

Advantages of Lawax capsules:

1. Powerful action of these supplements repairs muscles and nerves in male genital organ.
2. These capsules provide nourishment to prevent sluggishness and dullness in nerves and muscles.
3. The response of parasympathetic nerves becomes better and helps these nerves to get proper signals from brain during arousal.
4. These supplements promote production of testosterone that in turn supports energy production in body to maintain erections and delay ejaculation.
5. These supplements reduce swelling effectively in reproductive organs and thus give relief from enlargement in prostate too. Due to this, one gets rid of early ejaculation problem happened due to pressure on urethra and bladder.
6. This ayurvedic treatment for premature ejaculation also reduces hypersensitivity in parasympathetic nerves. This improves ability of men to sustain erection until they desire to ejaculate. This effectively stops the problem of premature ejaculation in men.
7. These supplements cure semen leakage and nightfall problems also along with premature ejaculation.

Lawax capsules are loaded with Semul Musli, Akarkara, Kaunch, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Safed Behmen, Sidhha Makardhwaj, Vidarikand and Safed Musli. These herbs contain nutrients that act as tonic for male reproductive system and prevent multiple deficiencies in body that cause weakness in male organ. These herbs possess aphrodisiac property and therefore increase natural desire and passion in males to maintain erection during lovemaking. These herbs contain nutrients that improve functions of pituitary gland too. This in turn keeps communication proper between brain and reproductive organs and help men to stay longer in bed during lovemaking. Regularly use this early ejaculation ayurvedic cure for 3 to 4 months to get long lasting and effective results. Bringing changes in lifestyle and diet can help to get results in a fast manner.

Ayurvedic Libido Enhancer Supplements To Restore Sexual Desire In Men

Many men experience sexual problems a little earlier in life which generally happen with aging. This happens mostly because of poor lifestyle and eating unhealthy foods. Low libido is the most common sexual problem that many men face. It lowers down urge for lovemaking in men which ultimately disrupts the love life. Low sexual desire increases the chances of misunderstandings and disputes between couple. No desire for lovemaking causes delay in achieving fatherhood also. There are many more reasons that drop desire for lovemaking in males. Few are listed below:

Ayurvedic Capsules For Male Sex Power

1. Performance anxiety makes a man nervous and therefore he tries to escape indulging in lovemaking.
2. Low production of testosterone is the biggest reason behind low libido because it is a reproductive fluid that keeps love spark ignited in men.
3. Any injuries or surgeries can also affect reproductive system and can lower down sexual drive in men.
4. The desire for lovemaking becomes low as the age increases.
5. Low physical stamina can also be considered as one of the main reasons as one cannot perform passionately in bed if he does not have enough energy.
6. Other disorders like premature ejaculation, semen leakage and impotence also lower down confidence of a man which ultimately affects his performance in bed.
7. Habit of over masturbation results in sexual exhaustion due to which men show no interest in indulging in lovemaking.

Low libido can result in other severe problems also and therefore it is required that one must seek help within time to overcome this disorder. Men can use Kamdeepak capsules to increase desire for lovemaking naturally. These supplements contain natural herbs only and therefore these are the best ayurvedic libido enhancer supplements. Powerful herbs present in these ayurvedic libido enhancer pills for men provide the following advantages:

1. Rejuvenate whole reproductive system to prevent sexual disorders.
2. Provide nutrients to enhance functions of reproductive organs.
3. Prevent multiple deficiencies that affect reproductive functions.
4. Improve blood circulation in genital organs to keep reproductive system in healthy condition.
5. Increase production of testosterone to restore sexual desire in men.
6. Improve functions of pituitary gland in order to increase production of chemicals that trigger testes to produce testosterone.
7. Keep love spark ignited in spite of other treatments, illnesses, diseases and aging.
8. Treat other disorders related with low libido like premature ejaculation, impotence, etc.
9. Boost both mental and physical stamina in men.

These ayurvedic libido enhancer supplements help men to perform with full passion and energy in bed. This not only makes relationship better between couple but also increase chances of a man to achieve fatherhood. Kamdeepak capsules are loaded with Shimulair, Shothdhni, Raktpushpa, Gauri Beej, Bheema, Sanvari, Picha, Punarnwa, Keethdhna, Semal Musli, Gandhak Sudh, Khathen, Pichila, Snadika, Vishdhni, Swetmula, Tulini, Godaipurna and Mochras. All these herbs are rich in nutrients and contain aphrodisiac properties. This herbal treatment for low libido in men gives effective results within 3 to 4 months when used on a regular basis. It is suggested to bring some changes in life style and eating habits to achieve fast results.

Ayurvedic Remedies To Increase Testosterone Levels And Sexual Stamina In Men

Sexual health of a man depends on optimum presence of various reproductive fluids in body and testosterone is one of them. Testosterone is an important reproductive fluid that governs many functions in body. Most important work that testosterone does is to maintain libido in men. After age of 30, many men experience decline in testosterone levels. Although, it is a part of aging but overtime it is seen that many males suffer from this problem at early stage of life. Lack of testosterone in body can relatively drop desire for lovemaking in males even at young age.

Low Testosterone Ayurvedic Treatment

Testosterone performs the following given functions:

1. Maintains desire for lovemaking in men and makes them perform passionately in bed.
2. Supports muscle development and energy production due to which men get stamina to perform during lovemaking.
3. Promotes bone tissue regeneration that keeps bone weakness at bay in males.
4. It helps to maintain erections for longer time during lovemaking.
5. Maintain manhood qualities in men and increase their masculinity.

It is easy to get appropriate treatment once a man is aware of the reasons that lower down testosterone production. To overcome this sexual problem in a natural manner, it is better to take ayurvedic remedies to increase testosterone levels.

Reasons for low testosterone:

1. Injury to the testicles can be a reason behind low T levels and they get repaired with time but in some cases they may remain damaged for lifetime also.
2. Testicular cancer affects the healthy and normal functioning of testes.
3. Lack of healthy diet causes deficiency of nutrients that are required to keep testes in healthy state.
4. Lack of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which is responsible for testicular growth.
5. Infections in testicles.
6. Chronic liver or kidney disease also affects functions of testes.
7. Type-2 diabetes can affect working of blood vessels in testes.
8. Pressure on testes due to overweight problem.

Men can use Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules which are powerful ayurvedic remedies to increase testosterone levels. One gets the following benefits from this ayurvedic treatment for low testosterone:

1. Improve testicular functions to increase production of testosterone.
2. Repair damage in testicles and improve their functions.
3. Provide vital nutrients that increase production of testosterone.
4. Increase effectiveness of testosterone in body.
5. Increase libido and passion for lovemaking.
6. Promote energy production to increase sexual stamina in men.
7. Maintain testosterone levels in spite of increasing age and illnesses.

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules are loaded with Shatavari, Kaunch beej and Ashwagandha. These herbs are further processed in decoction of Ashwagandha, Musli Sya, Gokhuru and Bala which makes these ayurvedic remedies to increase testosterone levels highly effective. The benefits of some of the herbs are given below:

Shatavari – It acts as a natural aphrodisiac and increases vitality in men. It can treat variety of sexual dysfunctions in men. It can also strengthen reproductive organs and increase sexual strength. Due to its cooling effects, it keeps testicles safe from heat produced within body. It acts as a natural antibiotic and keeps testes free from infections. It also possesses power to show effective results in case of cancer.

Kaunch beej – It increases blood circulation to the genitals and releases bound up testosterone. This herb also strengthens and tones up reproductive glands. Hence, it is included in these herbal testosterone booster supplements.

Ashwagandha – This herb possesses aphrodisiac property and it is helpful in the treatment of low testosterone, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules give effective positive results within 3 to 4 months. It is recommended to regularly use these ayurvedic remedies to increase testosterone levels within short period of time.