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Ayurvedic Treatment For Nightfall To Prevent Semen Leakage

Nightfall problem occurs when one loses control over ejaculation. Poor condition of muscles and nerves in reproductive system is the main reason for semen leakage. Men who masturbate often mostly suffer through this sexual disorder due to damage that happens to muscles and nerves in male organ.
Regular hand practice makes reproductive organs habitual of releasing fluid continuously even when one is slightly excited.  Improper flow of neurotransmitters between nerves and brain makes it difficult to hold semen during arousal whether it happens during lovemaking or in dreams. Weak muscles also fail to hold liquid during arousal and result in semen leakage. Prostate enlargement which is natural with aging also causes the problem of semen leakage. Improper functioning of adrenal glands causes excessive secretion of semen without erection. Nightfall is very problematic for those old men who feel difficulty in taking frequent rounds to washroom at night.

Ayurvedic Treatment For NightfallIncrease in nightfall problem results in both physical and psychological issues. So, it becomes important to treat this problem as early as possible. One can use No Fall capsules which provide effective swapandosh ayurvedic treatment for nightfall. Powerful herbs in these capsules control functions of gland which produce excessive semen during arousal. These herbs control rush of neurotransmitters towards pituitary gland which triggers reproductive organ to release sperm and semen. Herbal formula of these capsules control pituitary gland to stop unnecessary release of semen. Better response of nerves prevent semen leakage problem during sleep. Secretion of sperm cells and semen also comes under control during arousal. These capsules also improve connective tissues which increase muscle grip on fluid that is released by testicles and bladder. This prevents loss of semen which protects sperm cells from damage and maintains potency in men.

This ayurvedic treatment for nightfall also improves fertility in men without need of additional supplements. Herbal action of No Fall capsules also increases sperm count. No Fall capsules increase blood circulation to improve health of reproductive organs. Supply of nutrients to muscles and nerves also improves functions of organs and glands in reproductive system. These supplements reduce inflammation in prostate gland which puts pressure on urethra and due to this bladder causes unnecessary release of semen all the time. Powerful ingredients of these capsules also clear blockage from ducts which interrupts semen flow and later causes dribbling. Natural ingredients of these capsules increase secretion of testosterone which helps in maintaining erection for long time. As long as testicles release this hormone, erection is maintained and one only ejaculates when climax is reached.

This herbal treatment to stop nightfall not only prevents semen leakage but also forbids its consequences like tiredness, premature ejaculation, testicular pain, weak erection and back pain. Psychological issues are also reduced like low self esteem, anxiety, aggression, stress and tension. Natural ingredients of these supplements also keep control over adrenal glands. No Fall capsules are beneficial for young as well as old people. It is recommended to use these supplements for 3 to 4 months. One should avoid doing masturbation to achieve faster results.


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